Due to the current and constantly evolving COVID-19 protocols we are currently seeing patients through Tele-Medicine video conference visits. Tele-Med visits can be done using a computer with an enabled webcam and microphone, a tablet or a smart phone using the forward facing camera. In order to proceed with a Tele-Med visit, please read the informed consent below. Your provider will ask you to verbally agree to these terms at the start of the visit.

Verbal Informed Consent:

Please Read Prior to Your Tele-Med Visit

I understand that my tele-medicine visit is considered a face-to-face office visit, and that this service is in place in order to provide convenient access to medical care from any location while minimizing and/or eliminating the exposure and spread of infectious disease. I understand that audio and visual images may not be as high in quality as in person, and that the provider will not be able to utilize senses of touch and smell to assist in diagnosis, treatment or therapy. I understand that I have the right to refuse a tele-medicine visit by informing the scheduling staff or the provider at the start of the visit, and that other medical care options are available via urgent care and hospital facilities. I understand that the tele-medicine visit will include an office visit note which will be included as part of my permanent medical record. I understand that the appropriate follow up requirements for my current medical conditions are still necessary in order for Accredited Family Healthcare providers to continue management and treatment, which includes prescriptions, orders and referrals. I understand that every reasonable effort will be made to protect the security and confidentiality of my medical information during my tele-medicine visit, my tele-medicine visit will not be recorded and that all chart documentation will be entered directly into my electronic medical record. I have read these terms and will acknowledge my agreement verbally with my provider at the start of my tele-medicine visit. I understand that my verbal acknowledgement will be documented in my medical record per each tele-medicine visit occurrence.

Tele-Medicine Visit Instructions

You should receive an email with a link prior to your appointment. You will also receive a phone call from us prior to your appointment time in order to get you checked in. If for any reason you didn’t receive the email, the links are provided below. You can automatically connect to the virtual waiting room by simply clicking the name of your provider. Please make sure to click on the correct name for the provider you are scheduled with for your appointment today.

Dr. Barry

Amie Seitz, NP

Katie Packer, NP

Shanna Hunt, NP