We strongly encourage our patients to print and complete paperwork prior to scheduled appointments. Please download the forms appropriate with your patient status. If you have not been seen in the past three years you will be re-establishing care so you will still need to complete the new patient forms. If you are an established patient these forms are completed annually at your first visit of each new year. A records release form is available for you to complete so that we can acquire your previous records and/or specialist records. The same form can also be used if you plan to transfer care and would like us to send your records to your new provider. Our medical records fax # is 480.899.1404.

Medicare Insured Patients Only:
Medicare requires an Annual Medicare Wellness visit annually. This appointment organizes your specialist information and though there is some screening involved, it is different from the annual wellness physical exams we perform to manage your overall health. The forms below will need to be completed for the Annual Medicare Wellness visit whether you are seen in person or via telemed appointment. Please download these forms only if you are a Medicare insured patient.