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Accredited Family Healthcare

How do physicians and nurse practitioners of AHF interact to provide healthcare to their patients? All patients of AFH are shared amongst the providers in a collaborative effort to provide swift quality healthcare. All providers have access to all patient records for review and to become familiar with each individual patient. Decision making involves all providers in partnership with each patient. The providers function as a cohesive unit following appropriate healthcare guidelines and maintaining a clear unified plan toward meeting the healthcare needs of each patient. Although a patient may be seen by a particular provider, doctor or nurse practitioner, at their initial visit they can rest assured that any provider they may see in subsequent visits will be familiar with them and will furnish comprehensive continuity of care.

Can I make all my appointments with only one provider? While this is an option, it may require a longer waiting period to see the provider of your choice. Please be assured that all providers at AFH are experienced and highly qualified to meet all your healthcare needs. They communicate contemporaneously with one another to promote continuity of care.

How are appointments scheduled? When a patient calls AFH for an appointment your call is handled in one of three ways when you use the appointment option on our phone system: 1) A scheduler will answer your call and make an appointment for you with the provider of your choice. 2) A scheduler may request that you hold on the line for a short period of time to allow the completion of the prior patient phone call. 3) When phone lines are unusually busy you will be forwarded to a message line. Please leave a short message that includes your name, an accurate phone number, and reason for your visit. A scheduler will call back promptly. If you hang up and call again, this will delay your ability to be scheduled in the most efficient manner.

How much time will I be given with my designated provider? Patients are scheduled for an appropriate length of office visit based on the information or health problem communicated to the scheduler. Appointments are scheduled in fifteen minute increments and a patient’s full disclosure of the number or severity of health issues that will be addressed at the office visit will assist in meeting everyone’s expectations and in creating a schedule that remains on time.

What information must be presented at the initial office visit? Patient forms can be printed from our web site. All patient forms must be filled out in detail providing our business office with accurate billing information and the healthcare providers with accurate medical history. Please bring proper identification (driver’s license / ID card), insurance card, and immunization / health records.

What information must be presented at subsequent office visits? Patients must review and update all billing and personal information at every office visit. If your insurance has changed, please bring your new card with you to your visit.

What is the financial responsibility of the patient? All patients are responsible for having knowledge regarding the contracted benefits provided by their insurance policy. All co-pays, deductibles, and balances are due in full at the time of the patient visit. There are no exceptions. We are Medicare approved providers but we do not take Medicare assignment. Medicare patients are responsible for the full payment at the time of their office visit. AFH will bill their visit for them and they will receive reimbursement from Medicare in the following days/weeks. Please refer to our partial list of contracted health insurances on our website. If your health insurance company is not listed please make inquiry with our billing office.

Does a scheduled appointment ensure that the assigned provider will be available and on time? It is our goal at AFH for the assigned provider to see each patient in a timely fashion. However, patient care is occasionally unpredictable and unforeseen emergencies may cause a delay in a patients office visit. We respect and understand the value of a patient’s time and attempt to keep patients informed of any significant delays in the schedule. If a delay occurs we are prepared to offer acceptable options: 1) Wait. 2) Return at a designated time. 3) See another AFH provider. 4) Re- schedule with your provider of choice at the earliest available appointment.

How do I request medication refills? Medication refill requests can be made in three ways: 1) Ask your pharmacy to obtain approval for medication refills. 2) Schedule an appointment to review current medications and obtain written refill prescriptions. 3) Leave a detailed message on our medication refill phone option. All medication requests will be reviewed by a provider and the approval or denial will be communicated to the pharmacy or patient within 48 hours. Please do not make multiple phone calls regarding your medication request as this creates a delay in the provider accessing and reviewing your chart. Medications are called back at the end of the business day as providers and medical assistants are serving patients in the office during our business hours. Please make requests in advance to prevent the emergent need for routine medication. AFH providers will not refill medications after hours or on weekends due to lack of access to patient records. Narcotic or scheduled medications will not be called to pharmacies after hours or on weekends.

How do I contact my AFH provider after hours or on weekends? If a patient is having a life threatening emergency, they must immediately call 911. For non-life threatening emergencies our phone service will take the emergent message and relay it to the AFH provider on call. The patient will receive a phone call from the AFH provider to assess the emergency and give direction for its resolution. Please be advised that we do not treat over the phone when an office visit for full evaluation is the appropriate course of action. The patient must unblock their phone line to receive a phone call from an AFH provider.

How do I receive the results of diagnostic tests? The HIPPA laws now prevent AFH from sending results by postcard. If diagnostic tests are abnormal the patient will be contacted by phone. After a reasonable period of time a patient may request test results by leaving the request on the appropriate phone option. Please be detailed about what diagnostic test you are inquiring about and leave us accurate contact information where you can be reached or give us permission to leave test results on a phone message. If the results of the diagnostic test require in-depth discussion, a complex change of management of an existing condition, or the evaluation and management of a new problem the patient will be instructed to schedule an appointment with an AFH provider. Please do not make multiple requests for the same information, as this creates a delay in the provider in accessing and reviewing your chart. If your request has not reached resolution in 48 hours, please be assured that active attempts are in process to obtain your test results. After evaluating your test results you will be contacted promptly. Providers will be addressing these concerns and return calls will occur at the end of business hours

How do I a report non-life threatening emergency during office hours? Please call our office for an appointment or leave a message on the appointment phone option. All calls are triaged according to the seriousness of the medical emergency, a provider will make a medical decision, and you will be called promptly with instructions to bring resolution to your emergency.

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